AP Score Invalidation

<p>Hey guys I'm in quite a bit of trouble..
I had my ap micro yesterday, and during my break between sections, I took my study guide from my bag because I wanted to know if I made a mistake or not in my previous section. I went against the rules and I'm aware of my mistake, and I'm extremely angry at myself right now. My school's ap counselor told me that she's sent reports and that there's a big chance that my score will be invalidated. </p>

<p>I have a few questions:
1. Are there chances that this will go under my record? Will colleges know about this when I apply? I'm a junior and I'm really worried.
2. Are there chances that all my scores will be invalidated?
3. I've heard of CB letting students with invalidated scores retake the exam for free? Do I have any chances?</p>

<p>This isn't as bad as cheating or using a phone right? I truly had no intentions of cheating, nor did I cheat! I'm really scared and worried about this :'(</p>

<p>How did you get caught?</p>

<p>Also don't worry too much about it, its just one canceled test.</p>

<p>Well I took it right out of my bag when the break started and left the room to go to the restroom. My friends and I were just waiting outside the testing room after we went to the restroom and my proctor saw the book. It was closed yet in my hands.</p>

<p>Are you sure? No chances of my other scores getting canceled?</p>

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<p>1.Yeah there is a strong chance that they will put it on your AP score report, but to get over that just don't send an official report until you get in the college. </p>

<li><p>VERY STRONG! You took out a review book during the test....that's really obvious don't...why did you even do that?</p></li>
<li><p>Never heard of that, so can't answer</p></li>

<p>Wow there's chances that my other tests are canceled too?! :(
Idk I'm just so freaking retarded.
What if I cancel my scores before CB does?</p>

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<p>Thanks for replying btw. Appreciate it..</p>

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<p>damn, takes balls to try and cram DURING the test lol.</p>

<p>good luck tho man hope things work out for you</p>

<p>This will not go on your record at all; it will be as if you cancelled a test score for any other reason. Your other scores will not be affected at all; they are only affected in extreme cases of cheating, which yours may hardly be considered. I'm not too familiar with your third question, although I would say that there's a decent chance that CB will offer you another test (or maybe even let you keep your score), so don't worry too much about it yet. They'll contact you.</p>

<p>Wow...street smarts, hold your water next time.</p>

<p>In my Gov. exam, the kid in front of me actually had his textbook with him (under his chair; I never saw him use it), as if that would help him in any way at any point. He also had his cell phone (turned to "silent"), and seemed pretty proud of himself for going unnoticed by the proctor. </p>

<p>Anyway, I doubt he'll get more than a 2.</p>

<p>In fact, I accidentally got his graded essay a few days ago, and didn't even look at the name, assuming it was mine. I started reading the very critical feedback from the teacher, and then I started reading the essay. The very first sentence contained some really bad spelling/grammar mistakes, and I genuinely thought I must've been high when I wrote it, since I couldn't imagine making such mistakes. What a relief when I noticed it wasn't mine a few sentences later.</p>