AP Score Report - Please Help!


Two of my AP scores (APUSH and AP Calc AB) this year were sent to my top college (Stanford) through the CollegeBoard AP Score Report. I didn’t opt in for a Score Send this year (I have in previous years) and I was wondering if CollegeBoard automatically carries over your Score Send schools from previous years to the next year.

Also, is it possible to rescind the score report from Stanford and not have it considered with my application? I am applying through QuestBridge and I chose NOT to self-report those two scores so I’m wondering if Stanford admissions officers will still see that Score Report even though I didn’t self-report it.

Finally, how much weight does a low AP score carry on Stanford admissions? I did very well in both my AP Calc AB and APUSH classes with an A+ in both. This year was just a really rough year for me AP testing wise so my scores didn’t reflect that.

P.S. My score report also includes two other AP scores (both 4s) from past years when I did well on the AP exams.