AP Score report

<p>I think my orientation will be earlier than the day when my AP scores are mailed to my place. I am thinking that either way, I'll have to call in and see what my exam results are because I'll need a lot of days to map out my classes. My question is: how do I prove to my counselor at CTOPS that the exam scores I received by phone are actually legit? I have no paper copy to prove it all. If you experienced this dilemma, please respond. Thanks :)</p>

<p>You’re in the same boat with many. I think most have been advised to pick classes based on what they expect their scores to be. If you score better or worse than expected, you will need to adjust accordingly during the add/drop period in early August. For instance, my son doesn’t think he scored well on the AP Chem exam so he signed up for 101 because those seats are apparently limited & he didn’t want to risk not getting it 1st semester. If he scores better, he has the option to drop 101 in August, although, because of his major, I think he’ll keep it. Conversely, if you expect to place out of something you can sign up for the next level & either keep it or change based on your ultimate AP scores …I think you will need to submit your AP’s when they come out regardless of what you opt to do.</p>

<p>Thanks mommydeerest. But my situation is that my ctops is in july. So this gives me the liberty to get access to my scores by phone. If I get my scores by phone, how will I justify my placement? B/c I won’t have the paper copy and I don’t really know when those scores are actually sent to the college.</p>

<p>Well, again, nobody who has already attended CTOPS had their actual AP scores. They basically used their best guess to choose classes. If you had prior AP scores from last year that you hope to use, then those are available to send to UNC or you can simply use your original score letter by mail or print off from your college board account. My son printed his off from last year but he didn’t need them because UNC already had them from college board.</p>

<p>As for AP scores from this year, did you list UNC as a score recipient? I’m thinking if you did, they will automatically be sent but I would still submit them once you get them either via snail mail or go into your college board account & request them sent to UNC. The advisors know that scores aren’t out until mid July so up to this point, they obviously couldn’t require them. They will require them once you have rec’d them either by mail or email…whichever method you selected when you registered. If you get your scores by phone, you will pay a charge to college board for it. Having a verbal will help you choose classes & of course you will tell your advisor your verbal score but you will still be required to submit an official copy either by mail or electronic submission from college board once those methods are available. Remember, too, the add/drop period for classes starts Aug. 2, so you will be able to adjust your schedule then. One thing to consider though is that a certain number of seats for the most popular classes are reserved & released for each CTOPS session. I use my son again as an example…he needs Chem 101 for his major & seats are limited. Since he isn’t confident that he placed out based on AP score, he went ahead & put it in his shopping cart & got a seat at CTOPS. (this is one of the classes that is difficult to get a seat & he lucked out) Had he not & he didn’t score high enough on the AP, he stood a fair chance of all the seats being gone & having to delay Chem 101 which would have thrown a kink into his subsequent class sequence. So just consider your circumstances carefully & strategically. </p>

<p>I know this is a long explanation but I hope it helps!</p>

<p>Thanks mommydeerest! Your advice helped a lot. Long explanations are the ones that are most filled with good info :)</p>

<p>You’re welcome…basically just use your best judgement when choosing classes. Your advisor at CTOPS will be helpful in explaining the process. Best advice is to tell you that you probably won’t get all the classes you want due to limited space, but research the classes, identify ones that you need or are interested in & put them in your shopping cart prior to CTOPS. This makes the registration process much easier & less stressful once you actually sign up for classes at CTOPS because you won’t waste time searching for them as you register. Good luck to you!</p>

<p>At CTOPS, your OL and academic adviser will tell you to register for classes based on what you think you’ll get. If you were wrong about your score, you just change it in August. No big deal.</p>