Ap Score Reporting

<p>ok guys. here is my dilemna:
ucsb says the deadline for AP scores is july 15h.
we can start requesting ap grade reporting through collegeboard right now, but my ap number is in storage because i am going out of the country.
so i cant request my ap scores today, and i am leaving the country tonight. will i miss the deadline? does anyone else think its weird that ucsb has a july 15th deadline when the COLLEGEBOARD does not begin starting to send out ap scores until july 4th? ...ugh</p>

<p>CB sends it to colleges before us...
they all probably got it already.
We now have to wait.
I heard some schools like Penn and UCLA display the received scores online, so some people are looking at that and don't have to call and pay the $8 or wait until the letter comes.
I can't get on to the UCSB website for some reason. It wont load...</p>

<p>I ordered mine July 3rd. I did the rush request which was 25. But I also put on my ap form to send it to SB, so I would be pretty upset if I just waisted 25 dollars. Ive been trying to get on the website all day. I wonder why its not working. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fire. Weird..</p>

<p>ya lots of sections of the site haven't been working for me the past few days
maybe it is cuz of the fires...</p>

<p>Yes, widespread power-outages have effected the campus and most of the websites on campus. I wouldn't count on the them working anytime soon.</p>

<p>gymgirl you wasted $25.00. You already put SB as your recipient for your AP test scores so it isn't necessary to order them sent as well. </p>

<p>asubtlecasualty you don't need your AP test number to send the scores through Collegeboard, just log on and go to the send scores link. If you put SB on your AP test for the recipient you don't need to do anything.</p>

<p>Does anyone know the UCSB address you are supposed to get the transcripts sent to? Their website is down. I really need these ASAP.</p>

<p>anyone else's status say they have not received all transcripts/test scores? the admissions office address is in the "transcripts" thread.</p>