AP score reports... help!

Hi everyone! So AP scores came out today and I have a slight dilemma. I took 4 AP’s this year, and these are the only AP’s I have taken so far. My scores were:

Physics 1- 3

I would like to start off by saying I am very very happy with my first 2 scores. It’s the last one that worries me. I am hoping to apply to some competitive schools , so I know reporting the French exam is a big no no. The one thing that worries me is if I omit that score, would it reflect badly or raise eyebrows since I have the seal of biliteracy in French and am a member of the French honors society, along with having A’s all through hs in French?

I am also curious about the 3 in physics. In the past it was a notoriously hard exam, but since I want to go into a science major, would having only a 3 in the one science AP that I’ve taken so far look badly to top schools? I’m thinking more along the medical tract so physics isn’t the main subject of focus there, but my common app essay is about my love for science sooo I’m a little worried.

I’ve been looking on the internet and I’m seeing so many mixed things, so I really appreciate any input, thank you!!!

My daughter did not send AP scores at all with her applications last year and was accepted to 2 of the 3 top twenty schools to which she applied. If you send AP scores you don’t have a choice of picking and choosing which ones to send so it might be better to just not send AP scores. I am not sure how leaving one out will look if you self report scores. I am sure others can weigh in on that.

Hi @fishbates !

I’m an incoming First-Year at Brown this Fall, pre-med, and I got a 3 on one of my AP tests, which I decided not to report, even though I had an A in the class. Colleges didn’t really seem to care; because I was admitted to Brown as well as Vanderbilt, USC, and UC Berkeley. Essentially, don’t worry about it, colleges aren’t going to question why you didn’t choose to report ONE score out of all of the other tests that you’ve taken. Furthermore, Brown didn’t expect admitted seniors this year to take AP exams: meaning that colleges understand that the current situation is new and difficult for everyone. Focus more on crafting the best application you can, and most of all, explaining how Brown is the BEST place for YOU.

Hope that helps! Good luck with admissions!

My impression over years (decades) of Brown interviewing is that the less an EC or even a class has to do with your academic plans/goals, the less Admissions cares about it. So Level 10 Piano for a potential Econ concentrator… They want a well-rounded class, vs every single person needing to be well-rounded.


and most of all, explaining how Brown is the BEST place for YOU. < To that I would add: Focus in particular on how you would benefit from and make good use of Brown’s Open Curriculum, being as specific as possible. To the extent the OC is a signature feature of Brown, someone who will get the most out of it is well-matched to the college in that important regard.


I definitely agree with @Brown79 's post above, without a doubt, the Open Curriculum’s the most widely heard of feature of Brown, and with one of the essay questions solely devoted to your potential usage of it, definitely make sure to explain how you plan on utilizing it to study a field you’re interested in-depth, but also to explore your other interests or passions that you have.