AP Score Transfer


I will be a freshman at the UW this fall.

I’ve taken AP exams for the past 3 years.

I was wondering if anyone knows the process for transferring the AP credit. Have this year’s scores are showing up on the MyUW portal yet?

Also will scores from previous years be sent on the same score report if we listed UW as the recipient during the exam?


Hi there! I’ll be a freshman this fall too.

If you have already sent scores from previous years to UW, that should be fine. I have never sent score reports before this year, but sent UW one score report this June. They processed the credits within two days.

You can see a list of credit transfers for AP scores here: http://admit.washington.edu/Admission/Freshmen/College/AP

Also, I remember in an email I received from UW regarding the unofficial transcript that AP credits should have been applied by July 15. If not, I’d definitely contact them!