AP score vs. SAT Subject tests?

<p>Due to complications, I was unable to take the Physics C AP test in May. However, I did take the class and got A's, in addition to a solid SAT 2 score (770). I am going for a physical sciences/engineer major, will the abscence of the Physics score hurt my app? I've taken BC Calc, AP Chem, comp sci courses, and college math (linear+multi), and done great in those courses, so hopefully those can make up for the lack of the physics c score.</p>

<p>Lots of people do not take the AP exams for any number of different reasons. Do not worry about this.</p>

<p>The AP scores are self reported and unverified until after acceptance decisions are made, while the SAT II scores are sent by College Board. This fact would lead me to believe that SAT scores are much more important than AP scores. I have also never seen AP scores included in any sort of admissions index calculation used by colleges. The only consequence that may concern you is that you will not be able to begin your Physics college courses at a more advanced level unless they offer a placement test.</p>