AP score vs. SAT Subject tests?

<p>Due to complications, I was unable to take the Physics C AP test in May. However, I did take the class and got A's, in addition to a solid SAT 2 score (770). I am going for a physical sciences/engineer major, will the abscence of the Physics score hurt my app? I've taken BC Calc, AP Chem, comp sci courses, and college math (linear+multi), and done great in those courses, so hopefully those can make up for the lack of the physics c score.</p>

<p>There were 2 testing dates for the AP.. a make up date. Were you unable to do either? I suppose it is irrelevant now :-)</p>

<p>There may be some question why you did not submit a score, but I highly doubt it will have any impact whatsoever on your admissions decision.</p>