AP Score Wrong 2020

How can I talk to someone about looking into my daughter’s AP scores on two different tests. The posted score just doesn’t make since. Their rescoring method probably won’t be applicable this year since no MC…Help. I want to talk to someone at Colllege Board that has some answers.

You need to contact College Board. There’s a process you need to follow. It’s here. https://apstudents.collegeboard.org/score-reporting-services/request-rescore

I just wonder if this is still applicable if there wasn’t any MC. I hope they will still have some process of just checking to see if her score was entered correctly. I called college board and Friday and they were not helpful. I guess I can call again on Monday and see if I get anymore information.

Many, many students are shocked when they don’t do as well as they think they did on an AP exam. This is very common, sorry to say. In fact, I vividly remember being shocked myself back in the day. It can happen for all kinds of reasons. You can ask for a rescore, but don’t expect too much.

There is some misinformation given here because the process in past years is not applicable this year. So the answer what can the OP do with the CB? As the parent - nothing.

If the score was a 1 or a 2, the teacher (who has a copy of the responses) can ask for a regrade if s/he believes the answers warranted a higher score. If the score was 3+, the CB will not regrade.

I will also say in all my years I have only seen one example of a score being increased. So the odds are that your daughter’s scores were not “wrong;” they were just lower than she wanted of expected.

This year is a bit different in that we actually have a copy of the Free Response so know exactly what she did. What is the process for the teacher asking for a regrade? When will the teacher get the process? Would it be this Wednesday when they expect to get the scores?

How did you get your scores already? They aren’t supposed to be released until Wednesday through Friday.

college portal

The teacher also has a copy of the responses and the scoring rubric. I would assume your daughter first needs to ask the teacher to review her answers to see if the score feels right. If the teacher feels the score is too low and the score is < 3, the teacher contacts the CB for a regrade.

Does the teacher have the process for contacting CB? When chatting with the teacher it didn’t seem like they had the process. If you have any information about that …greatly appreciated? They did have access to her essay and feels the score is too low.

Has anyone ever heard of the college portal showing wrong scores?

I would ask the teacher to research the AP Teacher’s handbook and or contact CB. It’s one of their roles/responsibilities as an AP instructor. Most teachers might never see it in their career, but I wouldn’t accept “I don’t know how” as an answer (though I’d also continue researching on my own).

The poster above who has only even seen one re-score result in a higher score has seen one more than I have.

I think this year is way different with AP tests. Having the students take it online and with so many glitches, it is very possible that CB could have made mistakes on some scoring. The question is how can you check that? For some students this can be very frustrating esp., they have worked so hard.

The teacher can weigh in and give an opinion if the score was warranted

My son just got his scores and they are all VERY low - he received As in all the classes and felt the tests were pretty straightforward this year. This is really crazy! Especially that the CB gives no way for a re-score due to no MC. He’s emailing his teachers now.

I get all my other APs 5 only physics is 2. The score result is far below what I expected because I remembered the questions were not so difficult as I did in previous years’ problems. I phoned CB in the morning and they said I need to contact my AP teacher for sending rescore report. I wasn’t expecting to raise it, but just in case some errors happens.

I wish 3’s could be re-scored. D21’s 3 in AP Lang seems wrong. Two of her teachers are people who grade the test for CB. D21’s practice tests were always the ones they pulled out as excellent examples. Her teacher will be shocked at the 3 but I guess D is out of luck on that one.

Physics -if Physics 1- traditionally has the lowest pass rate, so the score is probably right. So be happy with the 5s and don’t hold your breath on a score change… Congrats on the 5s.

My daughter also had all A’s and last years she had scores of 5 for most of her AP exams and couple of 4s. Today checked her scores for APs 2020 she took and it is 1 for AP Macroeconomics, 1 for AP Government and 2 for AP literature. This is impossible!!! She did fine on all practice tests, attended all teachers office hours and did online prep courses. She was very clear on coursework and felt exams were not hard. Since there was no multiple choices in these we cannot appeal and there is no booklet. How to appeal the scores?

I answered this question multiple times above.