AP scores and Selecting Classes

<p>I took the AP tests about 3 weeks ago and I know my orientation is coming up but how can I sign up for classes when I dont know my AP scores until the 3rd week of July. Does FSU have a system that will work it out and if I pass just move me to the next level? It really confuses me.</p>

<p>Yes. It's called "drop and add". ;)</p>

<p>Which AP classes have you already passed and which are in question? FSU does not adjust your schedule for you based on your AP exams, so as parent2noles advised, use Drop/Add to your advantage.</p>

<p>They WON'T tell you to do this, but sign up for more classes than you intend to take, including classes you would take should you pass OR fail your exams. I believe you can sign up for up to 18 credits... then drop classes during the first week (no penalty, no charge) based on how you performed on your exams.</p>

<p>we recently got back from orientation. our son met with his advisor and was told to assume for purposes of registering that he scored well enough on his recent ap exams to receive credit. he was advised to register for classes that he would need to take, even if he scored 3 or higher on his ap exams this year.</p>

<p>there are so many gen ed requirements that need to be met and depending upon your major track, there should be enough courses not covered by any potential ap credit that you can register for.</p>

<p>we were so suprised to find out how many credits he will have entering college. he has taken five ap classes and a bunch of dual enrollment classes. he received eight credits for his ap physics course. </p>

<p>here is a link for those who don't know about it to the ap credit page</p>

<p>FSU</a> Admissions | Credit | AP Credit</p>

<p>bottom line according to my son's advisor (you should always check with your advisor as majors are all different) assume you will score high enough to receive credit for your senior year ap classes and register for other courses at fsu.</p>

<p>"FSU does not adjust your schedule for you based on your AP exams"</p>

<p>That's not entirely correct. I asked at preview and they said you were supposed to choose your scheduling based on how you felt you had done on the IB, AP, etc. exams.</p>

<p>Right. What I'm saying is, if you sign up for say ENC1101, but get a 3 on the AP Lang/Lit exam, the system won't automatically bump you to ENC1102. (That's what it seemed the OP was asking). So you could sign up for both classes, the drop the one you don't need during the first week of the semester.</p>

<p>i took 4 AP tests
so how would i drop/add a class? And i really cant tell if i did well or not</p>

<p>Ah, ok. My apologies. </p>

<p>"so how would i drop/add a class?"</p>

<p>I think you have to keep checking on the blackboard up until x amount of weeks of class starting. Oh and I don't recommend it, but I have a friend who set up a script to keep checking every minute to see if the class he wanted became available.</p>

<p>Drop/Add opens at 8:00 AM the Monday classes begins and ends usually midnight that Thursday. You drop a class the same way you register, which you will learn to do at orientation. </p>

<p>Blackboard -> Secure Apps -> Register for Classes</p>

<p>Then it's pretty much self explanatory. Put a check next to the class you wish to drop and select "Drop these Classes." All classes and their course reference numeber can be found Blackboard -> Secure Apps -> Course Search.</p>

<p>is that the same to add?</p>





<p>For fall, drop-add has historically opened on Sat at 8am prior to the start of classes. THIS YEAR IS NO EXCEPTION. Registration will also be open July 12-July 30. So when AP results come out, just go online between July 12-July 30 for changes. Then again starting 8am the Sat before classes.</p>

<p>oh wow. thank you sunnyflorida. I was really worried about that.</p>

<p>FSU has you covered!</p>