AP Scores available by phone

<p>2008 AP scores are now available by phone for a fee of $8. You will need student's SSN or AP number, month/year of birth, and a credit card number.</p>

<p>I am not sure, but it the ssn was not used initially, I don't think you can get them. We had that problem last year.</p>

<p>Right - if the student didn't put the SSN on the answer sheet, it won't work. But you just need one or the other (AP number or SSN), not both. I got my D's AP number by calling CB customer service and answering a couple of identifying questions.</p>

<p>Customer service: (888) 225-5427
AP scores by phone: (888) 308-0013</p>

<p>Thank you SO MUCH for this thread. I had not idea this was an option. I called CS and gave identifying info (and they were very nice) and they gave me D's AP number. Called the next one and got the scores. Worth every penny not to have to wait the next 3 weeks.</p>

<p>Thanks. I had my calendar marked for next Tuesday.</p>

<p>Thanks for this info! D will be thrilled at her scores which will help when she goes to orientation this Monday and will be selecting classes.</p>

<p>... I called without her knowing... I wll surprise her when she comes home from work.</p>

<p>BTW Does anyone know if I just got charge $8 total or per test?</p>

<p>The $8 charge is per CALL. So you will get ALL scores for one phone call and one charge of $8.</p>

<p>$8.00 charge per phone call.</p>

<p>Thanks for posting that. It was nice to have results back sooner.</p>

<p>Dang. Just saw this. Kid doesn't have his AP number, and Customer Service closes at 4:45 and is open only Monday-Friday. And he leaves for camp on Sunday!</p>

<p>Oh my ! The college board scam for charging for test reults early is **still **in effect for AP tests? Since they release regular SAT scores en masse now, you know it doesn't cost them anything to post them online for AP exams. They just have identified those of us most likely to pay!<br>
So glad to be done with that group!!!!</p>

<p>Do you know if you can get two of your children's scores (two of mine took AP exams this year) for one phone call or do they charge you twice?</p>

<p>when are they mailed?</p>

<p>huguenot- I believe you would have to make two phone calls, as it requires you to provide ap/ss, and obviously they don't share the same #'s.. It's all about the $$$$ :-)</p>

<p>huguenot, I'm pretty sure you have to make 2 separate phone calls. Each student has their own AP number for identification purposes. Each student is treated as an individual and separate. Siblings are not grouped together. 2 different students==2 phone calls==2x8=$16.00. You don't talk to a person when making the call--it's computerized and you just press the appropriate numbers to enter information.</p>

<p>psilovethomas- I know this sounds like they are talking about the reports to the schools but I believe that it is the same timing. Here is from their site:</p>

<p>AP Grade Reports are sent in July to the college you designated on your answer sheet, to you, and to your high school. Each report is cumulative and includes grades for all the AP Exams you have ever taken, unless you have requested that one or more grades be withheld from a college or canceled. Visit AP Grade Reporting Services.</p>

<p>Please note: The automated AP Grade Reporting Service will be available after the scoring of the 2008 AP Exams is complete. To request that your score reports be sent to colleges, call (888) 308-0013 or (609) 771-7366 (outside the United States, U.S. territories, or Canada) on or after July 4. You will be unable to send additional score reports between June 6 and July 3.</p>

<p>Most AP Grade Reports are sent by mid-July. Some reports take longer to process because of problems with identification information or the late arrival of materials from the testing location. Contact AP Services if you have not received a grade report by September 1.</p>

<p>Subscores are not available (except for Calculus BC and Music Theory) nor are scores analyzed to determine strengths and weaknesses.</p>

<p>These AP scores are important for my S, who is signing up for classes next week at orientation. So we'll fork over the $8, though I agree with dragonmom. Why don't they make them available online, like SAT scores--especially since many kids use them to determine course selection? We'll have to wait until Monday, though. His AP number is in a landfill somewhere.</p>