AP scores coming later than FASET1

<p>I was told that my AP scores -- 7 courses this year -- will not arrive until the 3rd week of July. I don't believe that mine will be reported directly to GT because I did not request this to be done. Will they have access to them anyway? Also, if I will not have my score reports by the time of my FASET1 registration, should I change to FASET4 or 5 so that I can register with this year's score reports?</p>

<p>you will have to call in and get your scores. Also, you will most likely have to pay to have them sent to GT.</p>

<p>If you put down GT, then GT will get them <em>before</em> you would get them. Otherwise, nobody would come to FASET 1. No need to stress. Talk to CollegeBoard. Talk to GT Registrar. It'll be fine. :-)</p>

<p>I did not indicate a school, therefore I'm looking at receiving a report in the mail after FASET1. That's the point of my question(s). Should I change to a later FASET, or does GT have a procedure to register me anyway without 2010 AP scores? I definitely don't want to sit around on day 2 and not be able to register. ilyssa1257 said that I can order them to be reported to GT, probably after 7/1 -- FASET1 is mid July. Looks like that's my solution, if the information is correct. :) Thanks ilyssa1257.</p>

<p>AP</a> Scores - AP Scores & Reporting Services</p>

<p>everything is on there.</p>

<p>Sorry, ilyssa1257, what are you saying?</p>

<p>all the details about reporting scores to colleges and recieving your scores are on that website.</p>

<p>One thing to keep in mind is that you can change your registration the first week of classes. So if you go to Faset 1, and are assigned to Calc I, you're not permanently locked into that class. The first week of the semester (usually until the first Friday of classes), you can change that to Calc II. You may not get your first choice class, but it's good to know that you're not locked in to Calc I if they put you there in Faset.</p>