AP scores having a negative affect on admissions

I have some pretty interesting AP scores. Sophomore year I was a studious kid and put a decent amout of energy into AP Bio. I pulled a 4. Junior year, however, I pretty much blew off all my classes and my AP grades reflected it (Spanish 3, US History 2, Physics B 1!) Luckily I passed at least Spanish, but that was only because it was my fourth year and foreign language comes fairly easily to me. So my AP grades, in order taken, are 4,3,2,1. Will this cast a shadow on my app?

<p>how did you do in the class? how did the other kids? if they all failed the exam, then it shows that you had bad teachers, but if you were the only one, they sometimes can know this sort of thing and hold it against you.</p>

<p>Actually, if you did well in the class and not on the exam, it will discredit you school's grading if it's not a school known to the college. Talk to your counselor. My instinct is that you would be better off not submitting the AP scores, they couldn't possibly help you.</p>

<p>Jordan— I'm not in any kind of huge minority in either class with my failed APs, but they're still crappy.</p>

<p>Lisa— My grades went haywire last year. In APUS I got a C and B, and in AP Physics I got an A and a C (definitely not proud of my performance last year)</p>