AP Scoring error changes scores: 3 to 5

<p>Anyone else receive notification of corrected AP scores or is this an isolated incident?</p>

<pre><code>Sept 7th, S. received a letter from the College Board that, oops his AP score of 3 on the May 06 AP Human Geography exam had been corrected to a five. A call to the College Board confirmed that his AP Bio had also been changed to 5, although he was never notified of the bio error. Today the new score report arrived with bio and geo both raised from 3 to 5.
For both tests, given in May 06, a week apart, only his free response scores had been counted resulting in an erroneous score of 3. There was NO indication on the July score report that the number represented only part of the exam.

<p>Well there was at least one more reported incident on CC. Different exam I think.</p>

<p>Yes, earlier post was on error on AP Euro. Hist.</p>

<p>Some of the students affected by these errors are already at college, where they may have found it necessary to repeat a course (such as Introductory Biology) that they could have placed out of if they had received the higher score in July.</p>

<p>I hope that these kids will send bills to the College Board for the cost of tuition for the unnecessary courses.</p>

<p>Marian-- My son is a freshman at a highly ranked LAC that requires the student to pass a specific bio course (only offered in the fall) to obtain credit for this course and the AP course. My S. is now a year behind in his probable major thanks to the CB. It is infuriating that there was absolutely no indication that the score was based on just part of the test!!!!!!!!!!!!!</p>