AP self-study dilemma

<p>So, the counselors at my school tend to be...difficult. I have been on here for a while and noticed a trend of AP self-studies, something I think I could handle and am willing to take on. I wanted to self-study AP Human Geography. I figured that meant buying my own study materials and preparing in any way I can for the exam in April. I thought that if I paid the $80 exam fee the school would register me. I emailed my counselor to make sure they would do this, and he said I can only take an AP exam if I take an online course, the class, or a directed study.
I KNOW this is not true, based on what I've seen here. How can I explain to him that if I pay the fee they have to register me?
Is there any proof from college board I can show him?
By the way, I am doing this because I don't have room in my schedule. My school DOES offer the course.</p>

<p>anyone at all?!? not even a view? i'm dying of anxiety because i already bought a review book. MY MONEY IS INVESTED IN THIS GUISE.</p>

<p>it is true that they have to let me do it right? i mean if i'm willng to pay can they really stop me?</p>

<p>It is your school's choice of whether or not to administer the test to you. If your school won't allow it, look around at nearby schools. I didn't have a problem with my school.</p>

<p>oh mmk!
its just kind of stupid because my school is pretty good and experienced in the ap area, so i cant believe they havent dealt with this.
i just hope someone lets me.</p>

<p>I agree; find a school that won't give you any trouble about it. We had self-studiers at our school this year, although it was pretty rare to do it. We had one kid do Macro and one kid do Environmental Science. So if your school won't allow it, perhaps another school will be cool enough to order an exam for you and hold its own exam administration for your exam, if others at the school are not already taking the exam. In that case you should have no problem finding a school that can help you.</p>

<p>You can email collegeboard to ask them about self-studying.</p>

<p>Check other schools in your area. Just tell them that your school isn't offering that test, and that you want to see if you could take it there (maybe that school even offers the course, so the test would definitely be administered there). Our school is really flexible; our AP Coordinator lets any student take any test as long as he/she paid.</p>

<p>my school offers the course, they just dont want to let me take it.
but yeah i'll contact some other schools in the area.</p>

<p>^Your school might be worried about you bringing their scores down. I agree with the other posters in that you should contact other schools..mine didn't have a problem ordering my exam.</p>

<p>wellll another school said no >_>
i'm getting a bit discouraged.</p>

<p>ANOTHER school said no. This time, it was because she said that they only test students that attend their school.
I think i need a more convincing argument. This seems to be a new concept for most of the counselors I'm talking to.
Geez, I'm sort of disappointed in the schools in my area.</p>

<p>Wow that's ridiculous. It's a test for goodness sakes. Tell them you will pay for the proctor and everything.</p>

<p>Have your parents call your school themselves. I'm betting that the school will be more flexible when dealing with adults</p>

<p>Yeah. I self-studied HG this year... extremely easy. I emailed one of the counselors at a nearby HS, and the whole process was smooth.</p>

<p>Just keep looking. I'm sure there is a school around that will help you. </p>

<p>Of course, if its at your own school... then really do get your parents to talk to them.</p>

<p>I self-studied both Econ exams this year, signed up during March, had no problem. The only request I got from my AP Coordinator is, "Don't stress your self out" (In the end I did... during micro, my 7th and final exam, I had 3 nose bleed...)</p>

<p>But yeah, definitely an option. There are no limits for taking AP exams. I think your counselor confused it with IB because for IB, you have to be taking a IB course. </p>

<p>As i read above, the best option in my opinion is tell your parents to call. Counselors and staff alike are more likely to listen to an adult's suggestion.</p>