AP Spanish Help for Nonspeakers!

Hi, I’m a non-Spanish speaker taking AP Spanish Language and Culture. Frankly, I feel REALLY underprepared for this exam. My teacher barely teaches us anything. I didn’t even know we had to do presentational writing (essay) until I looked it up today. Seriously, a third of the time in that class, we’re watching movies, not even Spanish related. Something like Bob’s Burgers. At my old school, we had to take Spanish 3, then 4, then AP Spanish, but at my new school, it jumps straight from Spanish 3 to AP Spanish, so I wonder if I’m missing a lot of content…

I mean, I was always pretty confident with learning languages, but I don’t know if it is enough for AP level, since I don’t have particularly diverse vocabulary, and whenever my teacher plays the audio, it is way too fast for me. I can barely keep up with the speaker is saying. Anyway, is there any way I can surely get a 3 on the exam? I’d greatly appreciate any resources to help me build vocabulary and grammar skills.

The AP Spanish test is extremely difficult (yes, even for we native speakers).

The course builds on the grammar and literature and cultural skills taken in previous years and relies on your present skills in written and spoken and receptive Spanish language. If you receive a 5, it is supposed to mean that you are “near native” in proficiency. (Notice it is not “native”)

Review the requirements for the test and see if you think you will be able to perform the requirements.

My kids chose not to take AP Spanish because it was too “different” from the Spanish they grew up with and they didn’t want to fail. They also didn’t want the exhaustive reading and writing practices (because they had heard complaints from friends, in the previous years classes, about the workload and homework). If you are watching videos and aren’t being given daily writing prompts, then you may want to forgo the test. The local students were told to watch Spanish tv (telenovelas), without subtitles, on their own time, and turn in a written summary of the show with certain responses.

You still have 5 months to go; maybe the teacher will pick up the pace before the test?

us native speakers. :slight_smile:

Common misconception. AP exams test nowhere near “near-native.” Per the ACTFL guidelines, they test at an intermediate-high level.

Basically, all grammar should have been taught before the AP class. The grammar explanations should be about finetuning and reinforcing. There is no grammar section on the exam, per se, although you are expected to use correct grammar.

Review that past FRQ’s and see how well you would do. Get a prep book like Barron’s. Read news/listen to news in Spanish. Good luck.