AP Spanish Language and Literature In One Year


My passion is languages— I’ve spent the last five years of my life delving deeply into the topic and discovering Latin, French, Spanish, and Chinese. I took Latin I, II (did some advanced lessons that year too), III (began teaching myself to SPEAK the language that year), Literature (covered the now defunct Catullus and Horace AP syllabus), and self-studied for AP Latin and got a 5 in 2019, the same year I attended a spoken Latin seminar where participants sign an oath to speak Latin for a whole week.

French was entirely self-studied, but I had great success. In a year, I studied everything from the present tense to some literary excerpts and the imperfect subjunctive. I’m taking the AP French Language and Culture Exam in a few short weeks.

Now, I begin to think about next year. My Chinese is basic and an AP is most certainly out of the question.
The local college does not offer Latin and will cease to offer French in 2021, the same year I enter college. I want to major in Spanish and have a certain energy for the language I’ve never even felt before right now. I hired a tutor from Guatemala, we have spoken numerous times on upper level subjects, and I’m beginning to watch Spanish films. We talked about the idea of studying for the AP exam. I have one year of high school left.

I proposed that I take AP Spanish Language and Literature in one year.

Am I crazy or would this be possible for me, given my history of studying. Please don’t be harsh— I understand that this is probably not a good idea.