AP Spanish Language Self Study

I’m thinking about self-studying for AP Spanish Language this may. I took H Spanish 4 my junior year and ended with an A- both semester, then dropped AP because of an extremely bad experience with the teacher (like, would get anxiety when I thought about the teacher). Now, though, the college I’m enrolling in next year requires that all students take 2 years of a foreign language (which is enough to fill a minor), and it’s making it hard for me to take all of the math classes that I want–so I was considering self-studying AP Spanish (I just need a 4 to waive both years). Is it possible? Do y’all have any advice? I took the SAT Spanish test in June last year and got a 510 because I misbubbled like 30 questions, but was average a 650-660 on practice tests I was taking (though I only studied for like two weeks).

You definitely seem determined enough to get at least a 4 on the exam. I’m from a “spanglish” speaking household and got a 5. Both of my parents are native speakers (I guess I am too), but my spanish speaking isn’t the best. I live in an area with mostly only english speakers with few friends that speak spanish as well, so I only use the language at home. I took Spanish 1 both years of middle school, Spanish 2 sophomore year, Spanish 4 1st semester junior year and AP Spanish for the 2nd semester. I literally didn’t do anything at all in any of my classes, I just took it to improve on my conjugation since that is the hardest part of the language for me.
I recommend that you try to find your problem areas and improve there. Also, the exam consists of writing, reading, speaking and listening. Spanish reading and writing is pretty straight forward, Duolingo should help you in those areas. Whereas for listening, just watch a tv show! Casa De Papel and Narcos are pretty good watches, or watch Univision and telenovelas to get a grasp of more conversational spanish. Ha, even follow spanish meme accounts or follow a spanish youtuber like German! Make learning spanish fun. For speaking, listening kind of bounces off of that. The exam wants conversational spanish and a “presentation”, just say whatever comes to mind honestly. Most of all, try to immerse yourself with other spanish speakers.
Don’t worry about the exam that much. I got a 5 and I’m practically a gringa!

I just took the SAT II Spanish test on December 1st and got a 630. I studied with the Barron’s SAT Spanish guide last November and was also consistently getting 650-660 on the practice tests. I am not a native Spanish speaker and I have never taken a Spanish class. My background was self-study plus a year of living in Mexico, having two Mexican girlfriends and watching a lot of Mexican TV shows.

You should definitely try and self study. I’ve been in a Spanish immersion program since kindergarten, and my class is very easy. If you know the language, you should try and get a review book to familiarize yourself with what they want in the essays and emails, as well as the different themes the prompts could come from.