AP Spanish Language vs. Spanish Literature

Both AP Spanish Language and Literature are offered in my school and I have to decide what track to go on next year. I consider myself a pretty good spanish student, though by no means a natural, and I’ve gotten good grades in spanish so far. Also, it’s the same teacher for both classes, so that doesn’t make a difference. Any advice on which is generally easier?

Which course is easier? It depends on the teacher. Which exam is easier? Spanish Language. With Language, you either know it or you don’t. Literature has a very extensive reading list, and one of the essay questions usually asks you to discuss a particular work (without the option to choose a work), so you really need to have read everything.

@skieurope Thanks for the advice. I will probably take the Language course given that the exam is easier and the teacher is the same anyway.

Language, by far. I have the same teacher for Language and Literature, and Literature is sooooo much more work (and reading isn’t my strong suit).

Besides, I’d recommend you take AP Spanish Language before AP Spanish Literature (it’s required you take Lang before Lit at my school).

@Faultystart Thanks! I plan on taking Language.

Are you going to be a junior next year? I took Lang as a junior and Lit as a senior (right now).