AP Spanish or Spanish 4H?

I am going to be a sophomore this upcoming school year and I was wondering if I should take Spanish 4H or AP Spanish? I took a little bit of Spanish all throughout elementary school, and then took Spanish 1 and 2 in middle school, then took Spanish 3H this year as a freshman. I am not a native speaker, but I am pretty good at the language and Spanish 3 was easy for me. I’ve heard there are a lot of similarities between Spanish 4 and AP Spanish at my school. If I take AP Spanish it will let me take more classes later in high school because I do want to take it at some point. Should I skip Spanish 4? What can I expect from AP Spanish?

take ap spanish! it’s not a hard class, you just have to have a pretty solid grip on the language and from what you said, it seems like you do

If the normal sequence is Spanish 4 H-> AP Spanish, follow that sequence. There’s a big gap between Spanish 3 and AP Spanish, unless your school does things differently.

definely ask your school since they are all different. At our school you would probably fail if you skipped Spanish 4. Also unless you speak Spanish as your first language you would not be allowed to decide to skip a level unless you took a college class first that was authorized by the school.