AP Spanish

I’m thinking about taking AP Spanish 4 next year and along with that I would take a normal level science class about Anatomy; however, would it be better if I replace both of those classes with AP Chemistry

It depends. Anatomy really isn’t necessary, however a foreign language and chemistry is. I would say that if you have already taken AP Bio or AP Physics, then you should take AP Spanish 4 + anatomy this year. However, if you haven’t had an AP science yet, then you should go with AP Chem.

One thing to note is that people tend to forget foreign language pretty quickly. If this isn’t your senior year, could you take AP Spanish 4 this year and AP Chem the next? Taking the AP test for Spanish will allow you to place out of most colleges foreign language requirements (assuming they even accept AP credit anymore) so you’ll be saving yourself a lot of time and effort in college.

Anatomy is not really a core science in the college prep scheme of things. If you have not had all three of biology, chemistry, and physics (not necessarily AP level), then take AP Spanish and whatever of those three core sciences that you have not taken. Then take AP chemistry next year.

Yeah, that’s what I thought too; I know anatomy isn’t necessary. However, I have already taken the core science classes at honors levels and AP Bio, so I was wondering if I should take AP Chem or AP Spanish because I wouldn’t have space in my schedule for both. I know my dream college does not accept AP Spanish credit, but I do know that it looks good to have taken it anyway; however, I also want to go premed, so I would think that AP Chem might be useful too

I’d choose AP Chem then, especially if you want to go premed. Does your college accept credit for AP Chem? You already have three years of a language.

Yes, my college does accept AP Chem as long as I get a good score on the exam. I think though I have the ability to do good as I am interested in the subject. Thank you for your help; I wanted some input since the Spanish I have taken have been the classes my school offered which didn’t include AP, only honors— but I thought AP Chem might be better in some aspects.