AP Stat or Average Stat?

<p>I'm currently signed up to take average stat, and I realize for some colleges that may look bad. I'm more worried about how hard the CLASS is opposed to the EXAM.</p>

<p>I got by with a C+, B- in pre-calc, and I wouldn't exactly say math is my thing. I will admit though, that I could have studied more, and taken things more seriously.</p>

<p>I plan on perusing my undergrad in nursing then going on to get my M.D.</p>

<p>AP calc is out of the question for me after my bad experience with pre-calc.</p>

<p>My question: How hard of a class is AP stat. compared to honors pre-calc (How much study time was required, were tests harder, how were exams, etc.)</p>

<p>And how much of a difference is there between AP stat and regular stat? Will I be able to manage a B this year in AP stat, and how bad will it look if I decide to take average?</p>

<p>I'm going to be a junior, and I will more than likely be applying to UVA, James Madison, and George Mason. UVA is my #1 choice, and that's what I'm worried about.</p>

<p>Well, AP stat was easier for me than AP calc and precalc too, but maths my thing so that's not too helpful... As for homework, it's a lot less than precalc. Tests in AP stat could be pretty hard. To compare it to regular stat, which my sister took, probably about the same amount of hw, but we had a bunch of projects and they didn't do any. It seemed to me that regular stat and AP stat are actually very different in material, because when I tried to help her with hw I usually had no idea because the concepts taught in her class were totally different. If you want a challenge go for AP, but I can't imagine that it would make to much difference to colleges- you're still taking math and if you're taking challenging classes in other subjects that you prefer you'll be set.</p>

<p>What would you rate your experience with pre-calc. and AP stat on a 10 scale?</p>

<p>AP statistics is not hard at all; there is not a lot of material to cover, so the pace is slow and not much study will be required. There probably isn't much difference between AP stat and regular stat; the material in AP stat is already so little, so I presume the material would be mostly the same, just with easier problems. You certainly should get at least a B. Getting into medical school will be tough if you aren't good at math, since physics is on the MCAT and is heavily based on math. I would recommend AP stats. Average stats would not look good; it's generally a class that all the people who don't care about school take for an easy A (or B, if they REALLY don't care about school). Take AP.</p>

<p>It's not that I'm BAD at math, it's just one of my worst subjects. One of my main problems with pre-calc. was the quick pace and switching from trig. to algebra, so I guess AP stat. may be a bit easier for me. I'm still considering it, but I may try it if I keep hearing it's as easy as a lot of people claim.</p>

<p>Precalc and stats are very different. Precalc trig algebra all build on one another, while stat is more a stand alone course. There are old stat concepts you already know basically like probability stuff - to be very general- and new concepts introduced and then built on all year. If you just had trouble with precalc then maybe stats is more your type of math. A friend of mine had a lot of trouble with precalc/calc but found AP stat easy. I personally didn't think AP stat was too hard, then again I didn't think precalc was too hard either so I can't give the best rating.</p>