AP Statistics or AP Calculus?

<p>Does NYU care if I take AP Statistics or AP Calculus? I always manage to get good grades in math but I am not a math person. I absolutely HATE math, which is why I want to take AP Stats. What do you guys think? Will taking AP Stats hurt my chances of getting into NYU? I can only fit one class so it's only one or the other. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!</p>

<p>AP stats should be fine, just make sure you won’t have to take calculus in college, because if you do, AP calc is much easier than the actual college class</p>

<p>Take AP calc…it will transfer for college credit many times AP stats does not count for anything</p>

<p>What if I don’t even get a THREE on the exam though?</p>

<p>Take stat. NYU’s AP policy vary by school, but the school gives credit for both or neither.</p>

<p>depends on your major. if you have to take calc in college it will help to have it in high school whether you pass the AP test or not. My brother took AP stats instead of AP calc and found calc in college very hard and most of the students in his class already had calc in high school</p>

<p>I plan on double majoring in Political Science and History.</p>

<p>Stick with stats then, it’s more practical anyway</p>