AP Statistics Vocab List???

<p>I'm having a hard time keeping track of all of the different variables and vocab for stats, and it'd be awesome to have a complete list of all the variables, computational formulas, and keywords all together. Does anyone have anything like this or can refer me to something similar?? PLEASEEE HELP, i'd like to throw these on my calculator befroe the test too.</p>

<p>You are not allowed to use your calculator to store notes for the AP exam. You have to memorize all of the terms and vocab just like the rest of us. Crack open an AP review book (I'd suggest Barron's or REA) and start studying.</p>

<p>Putting stuff on calculator programs is tedious and not allowed. Just flip through a review book. Putting in vocab is utterly pointless because you'd have to scroll through something that's like really long to perhaps find the answer.</p>

<p>Stick by the rules and study. If you don't get the score you want at least you'll know you didn't cheat:)</p>