AP Stats: How important is the calculator?

<p>I have a copy of The Practice of Statistics (Yates/Moore) First Edition, which only covers the use of the TI-83. I have a TI-89 and do not plan to borrow or buy a TI-83 for the statistics exam. How important is it that I know how to use my 89 for the exam? Is it worth it to buy a copy of the Second Edition, which covers the 89, for $10-20? I'm aiming for a 5. Are there any other benefits to getting the Second Edition?</p>


<p>If you know how to use it, the calculator can pretty much do all the calculations for you. It's your job to know how to interpret these numbers though.</p>

<p>TI-89 is very hard to use for AP stats. A calculator is very important, but I strongly suggest geeting an 83 or 84. Unless you know where normalcdf and a bunch of other stats applications are on the 89, get either an 83 or 84.</p>