AP Stats in two weeks?!

This year I took AP statistics and I now only have two weeks until the exam.

I’m worried because I have had so much on my plate and did not give this course the attention it deserved… i pretty much never paid attention

This is in part to the fact that every time I had a test would pass with very minimal studying/learning and I just wasnt motivated.

Well now im getting my act together and want to know IS IT POSSIBLE TO SELF STUDY FOR AP STATS IN TWO WEEKS AND PASS WITH AT LEAST 4???
Overall, I find the class easy but i need to put in the time and effort

I am currently taking ap bio as well so i need to focus some time on that


Why are you taking the exam? Is it required? If not, don’t take it. If it is, there are some very good AP study guides out there. Check out the 5 Steps to a 5 or the Crash Course AP books.

You didn’t devote the necessary time to the subject, so I think you can guess that it will be tough to get a 4. Good luck!

Are you doing well in the class? If so, and the course is of decent quality, you should not need additional studying for the AP exam.


I’ve gotten all A’s but admittedly I feel like I don’t know enough.

I want to get the credit and I wouldn’t feel good about just not taking it. I’ll definitely check that out, rn I’m doing the Princeton review book.