AP Stats or AP Physics?

<p>For the upcoming senior year, my main academic courses will be Bio AP, Discrete Math-H, English IV AP, Euro AP and either Physics AP or Stats AP.</p>

<p>Ideally, I would want to take both but seeing as the two classes conflict with each other for scheduling, I will have to choose only one. I've already taken the AB/BC exams so I don't know if schools need to see more math on my transcript. Do colleges prefer one over the other and will one of these courses be more useful when I start my college career? I'm thinking of schools like Stanford, UT, Rice, Georgia Tech.</p>

<p>I would go with AP Physics b/c Stats is generally considered an easy AP and seeing as you're applying to some selective schools, I think it would be in your benefit to take AP Physics b/c it makes your courseload look more challenging.</p>

<p>If you are going into engineering of any type, AP Physics (I'll make the assumption here with the schools that you mentioned). There should be no question it will be the better choice. Chosing AP Stats may prove not only to be a 'neutral' (or not helpful), it may actually hurt you. The vast number of students applying to top engineering schools that have AP Physics available will have taken it.</p>



<p>This is the totally wrong reason to choose Physics or Stat. Just because your school has a slackerish AP Stat class doesn't mean that AP Stat is a joke class.</p>

<p>Anyways, AP Physics is preferred because introductory physics is pretty much a requirement in all social/natural sciences and engineering curriculum. Skipping out of freshmen classes with harsh curves can only help you.</p>

<p>Statistics without calculus, linear algebra, or measure theory probably isn't going to be that intense. Some students who are really good at math find statistics difficult, and some students who struggle with math find it easy (though I've noticed more of the latter type than of the former).</p>

<p>Physics B or C? Because Physics B is for not math or science majors, C is used for engineers and the sciences.</p>

<p>I agree AP Physics. While AP Stats is nice, I see it as an elective, where AP Physics is a core course. Unless you have a compelling side reason to need it now, skip the stats. My daughter had a famous class taught by a text author, that was said to be compelling, but she sadly couldn't fit it in.</p>