AP Stats or Community College?

<p>I need a credit for Stats and I was wondering if I should take it as an AP and eventually, take the exam in May, or just take it at the community college. I leafed through the Barron's AP Stats at Border's and it looked like it was written in an entirely different language with its math terminology, so I was wondering what was anyone's opinion on AP Stats and it's difficulty? I'd most likely take the course online, or self-study.</p>

<p>Just in case you didn't know, AP Stats is usually not accepted for credit at colleges.</p>

<p>Stats is relatively easier than, say, Calculus BC. You might want to post this in the AP forum for more answers.</p>

<p>At the community college where I plan to attend, you receive a credit for Stats if you score a 3 or higher on the AP exam. But thank you.</p>

<p>I think 082349 made the assumption that you would want to eventually want to go to a University, or that you'd transfer without an Associates. Most Universities will not take AP credit for Stats. </p>

<p>AP Stats really isn't very hard. Presumably the CC isn't very expensive, so if you want to take it there, go ahead. I don't think you'll get all that much more out of it on the merits of it being in a CC rather than a HS. The teacher is more important than the institution, so who do you think will be the better teacher.</p>

<p>I am hoping to obtain my Associates before going to a university. Because most universities I am planning to attend require a Statistics classes to major in Psychology, I figured I would take it as an elective credit for my Associates. It's just a matter of which seems more reliable. Both would be online. If I were to take it as a HS student, it would be a year long class. Community college class, spring semester.</p>

<p>Community college would be way too easy if you're currently taking all AP's/IB's. Why don't you just go to University for 4 years? It'll be a better choice.</p>

<p>^ My mother insists I finish college early. Plus, I never enjoy the idea of asking my relatives for money, even if it's for classes, so I'd be killing two birds with one stone in a sense.</p>

<p>Calm down. You won't get stuck going to community college just because you didn't take AP Stats.</p>

<p>You get IB credit at universities too you know.......</p>

<p>Try inexpensive colleges......</p>

<p>You realize with good grades you could get full rides at universities, right?<br>
Going to community college would throw all of those opportunities away.</p>

<p>Most colleges, even lower-tier, local ones, don't accept 3+ on AP Statistics for credit anymore.</p>

<p>I've ensured that a 3+ on my AP Stats exam will grant me the credit I need with the community college's guidance counselor. </p>

<p>My goal is to complete high school with an I.B. Diploma and my A.A. degree. There isn't any fear of getting stuck at a community college or not receiving credit, etc. I know for a fact once I get my high school diploma + I.B. Diploma, I'm heading straight to my chosen university.</p>

<p>I took AP Stat online. It was boring, and I missed hw deadlines, and I got kinda low grades on assignments.</p>

<p>And when I took the AP test it was also really boring. And I got a 5. It was pretty damn easy.</p>

<p>if you take it in hs you'll probably be taking it with smarter people than at your community college</p>

<p>Oh, I see, so you're going to college at the normal age(18) but will be getting your associates along with your diploma. Yeah most colleges think AP Stats is too easy</p>

<p>I would take AP Stats. I took it this year as a junior knowing nothing about the class or statistics. I really enjoyed it and i now plan on majoring or minoring in stats in college. It's not easy but it's a challenge. And you will feel kinda smart after you're done. The AP exam wasn't that bad either: the multiple choice section was easy. I'm awaiting my score right now but im pretty sure i got a 5 or at least a 4. Oh yeah... i took the class at my HS. IDK how online works and i wouldn't recommend self-studying.</p>

<p>^ Just found out i got a 5!</p>

<p>^ Yeah, it's pretty easy test. And algebra based statistics is itself a bit of a joke.</p>

<p>^ Whenever I put effort into learning, I did extremely well in Alg. 2 and I'm taking pre-calc next year, so I doubt there will be any complications relating to math ability for me.</p>

<p>I took Statistics at a community college while in high school, while most of my friends took AP. IN THIS CASE, I had a shorter class, and came out with much more applicable knowledge (all the statistical analyses I learned that my psychology professor (PhD) verified were used widely through the field were unheard of to my AP friends). I am glad for my decision (only B I've gotten so far at the college, where I have a better record than the high school, due to lack of homework, but still worth it, and an actually enjoyable math class). Check out who teaches it at the college, then check them out on ratemyprofessors.com, that could help.</p>