AP Stats vs AP Calc AB vs AP Calc BC order

I need to take two more years of math, but i can choose the order/classes. I know the normal path is AP Calc BC & then AP stats (at least for the track I am on), but I know I will not get a 5 on the AP exam because I don’t test great in math. I know I will most likely get an A/A- in all of the classes as I know this teacher & he is a fairly easy A. My thought was maybe I take AP stats & then Calc BC because hopefully if I study I can get a 4 or 5 on AP stats & then when I apply to colleges I will be taking Calc BC so my inevitable bad score isn’t part of my admissions decisions.

Or should I just go the regular route.

Go the regular route. AP scores play little to no role in admissions and the cutoff for a 5 is very generous.

I would take calc BC while the material from the prerequisite course is fresh in your mind.

Seems odd that someone at least two grade levels ahead in math (considering calculus BC in 11th grade) is worried about math, since students two grade levels ahead in math tend to be strong students in math.

Yes it is odd I guess. I was “gifted” in math in grade 7 so I got put on the advanced track. My so called “talent” has since faded & honestly math is my worst subject. I am good conceptually & in class, but I do not believe I would preform well on the AP exam. I still can scrape As by though.

My D faces this same unfortunate challenge. Either you take Calc first to provide continuity from pre-Calc to BC or you take it senior year to provide continuity from HS Calc BC to your first college Calc class. Having a full year off and then diving right into college-level multivariate Calc could be a challenge. But so could be a year between pre- Calc and BC.

We are doing BC then Stats with an online MVC course for no credit/grade just to remain current.