AP Stats vs AP Calculus AB for FSU admissions

For Florida State University–my daughter has been placed into AP Stats for her upcoming senior year. She asked for AP Calc. However, she is applying to colleges as a psychology major (Stats is more useful) and Stats is supposed to be more manageable; BUT she was told my college advisers that FSU (and UF, where she is also applying) really wants to see some form or Calculus). She got all A’s in PreCalc Honors last year but her school doesn’t offer Calc Honors. FSU and UF both claim they have no preference since they’re both AP courses–but any FSU students on here (or parents) who know the real deal (what actually occurs?). Thank you!

https://admissions.fsu.edu/first-year/WWLF/ shows that 57% of admits had calc or higher. While calc is not mandated admission is competitive so it would be in your D’s best interest to take it if possible.

If she wants to go into research, she may want to take a more in-depth calculus-based statistics course in college. In this case, taking calculus will be helpful.

Note that calculus AB is slower paced compared to calculus in college.

Ap Cal not offered at my daughter’s high school. she took AP Stats and I don’t think it made a difference. She started FSU in June and fall semester starts in a couple of weeks. No issues in our case whatsoever.