AP stats without regular statistics?

<p>I am in regular pre-cal right now and have a B. Besides all the identities and trig I find it sort if easy. But I really don't think I will do that well in AP calculus next year. Question is will it be a mistake taking AP stats without regular stats? How much more difficult will it be? Also for AP cal how much of it is identities?</p>

<p>I took precalc last year and got a B first semester. Second semester I stepped up my game a bit and focused more in class and got an A-. Now I'm in AP stats having never taken a regular statistics course. It is most definitely doable. I currently have a B+ (it would be higher if I actually studied :p but that is entirely my fault). It is not impossible. Statistics is really not that difficult. Some concepts are hard but, of you are good at interpreting graphs, which is really only part of ap stats, you will have nothing to worry about.</p>

<p>definitely doable. In my old high school people either took AP stat or regular stat, kids not even in honors math took AP stat and no one ever took reg stat before AP.</p>

<p>AP Statistics is a joke and taking a statistics course beforehand is completely unnecessary. It is also probably much easier than taking AP Calc if you do not have confidence in your math abilities. I can't say for Calc AB, but I remember BC being very identity-oriented, and trig usually impacts a large part of the course.</p>

<p>Okay..I'm also worried that taking AP stats over AP cal will make me look like a slacker to colleges. I'm already taking AP bio, AP English, and APUSH this year as a junior. Will it hurt my chances of getting into a good college?</p>

<p>You don't need to take a regular stats class before taking AP Stats. In fact my high school didn't even offer a regular stats class and I ended up with a 5 on the exam. I took AP calculus AB at the same time as AP Stats though.</p>

<p>I moved out of state my freshman year, took Geometry and Alg. 2/Trig, then went straight into AP Stat my senior year. It's not so easy of a class that you can get a high A without studying, but it beats calc. Remember that it is an AP course, and colleges will look at it as an AP class regardless. Scoring a three or above on each exam will increase your chances, but it's your gpa that's most important.</p>

<p>I would like to agree with the posters above. I am a junior, and I'm taking precalc and AP stats this year without a problem. Stats is not very mathy. Most of it is conceptual and critical thinking, skills you will have learned from your current course load.</p>

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<p>My school doesn't even offer regular stats, but most kids do really well in AP Stats. It's the much easier AP math alternative to AP Calc, kind of viewed as a joke, to be honest. I say go for it!
Also, for what it's worth, I got an A and a B in pre-calc last year (math has never been my strong point) but I challeneged myself to take AP Calc this year, and believe me it is difficult, but I've worked really hard and am looking to get an A this semester, so definitely consider it!</p>