AP Stats

<p>Hey guys, I'm a HS Freshman planning on taking AP Stats next year as a sophomore. Our school doesn't let sophomores take APs but somehow I got out of it and my counselor allowed me to enroll in Stats. I'm kind of nervous considering that it will be my first AP so I have a few questions:</p>

<li>How hard is Stats in general?</li>
<li>How much HW on average?</li>
<li>How hard is it to achieve a 5 on the AP test?</li>
<li>Is there a lot of memorizing involved?</li>
<li>Is it interesting?</li>

<p>I am a strong math student and would love to hear ideas from those with experience, thanks in advance!</p>

<p>PS I know the difficulty may vary depending on teacher but I mean the curriculum in general.</p>

<p>How hard is it? Um, pretty easy. It's literally following instructions and understanding what a question is asking.
How much HW? Depends on your teacher. For us, if you do everything the correct way, it could take you a while, but I just kind of write down the answers without showing all my work, so I do it pretty quickly.
Achieving a 5? Well, I don't know as I'm in the class right now, but I'm going to assume that if the AP graders grade like my teacher, it shouldn't be too hard.
Memorization? Nope. Pretty much all you have to memorize are the requirements for different tests. The formulas are all given to you.
Interesting? Well, I like the concepts behind Stats, but the College Board designed a horrible course IMO. No math, and there's more emphasis on phrasing the things right way.</p>

<p>^This person has summed several points quite well, but I'll add on to some.</p>

<p>The class isn't hard, but it isn't a 'breeze' class. You'll have to pay attention, study for the tests, and do the homework, and the course will be fine. If you don't do the above, it'll be hell. So it's easy if you make it easy.</p>

<p>HW, we don't get a lot of homework (one assignment per 3-4 days, roughly 13 questions or so). I BS the work and just look up the answers.</p>

<p>Heading into a month before the AP test (I'm in Stats atm), I can say that I am not worried about not getting a 5. </p>

<p>It's quite possibly the most memorizing intensive class next to history and perhaps science. ALOT of formulas and phrases to remember. Yes, you get a formula sheet, but it doesn't cover everything.</p>

<p>Interesting? The subject is, but the class isn't. It's pretty damn boring, and I halfway wish I didn't take it. And I'm a math guy. You learn a lot of cool things (and useless crap), but in the end you will wonder when the heck you will ever use this unless you are a statistician.</p>

<p>seeing as how you are a math person, i doubt you'll have trouble catching on
good luck next year!</p>