AP studio art: drawing

<p>I live overseas and so far I'm taking 4 AP courses online; however, I am considering adding AP studio art: drawing as a fifth. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find an online course provider that holds said course. Now, I probably wont be able to find a course provider and my counsellor-- who sucks by the way-- has so far proven useless, and I really want to do someting with my art. I'm really not amazing but I want to strive to acheive something and I think studio art can help with that. So can anyone tell me just how the portfolio is structured and what is expected from each section of it? Also, is it possible to take the exam without the course? My friend took the World History exam without the course and got a 3, which, as much as I hate to admit, sucks as it grants him no credit in most colleges.</p>

<p>Is this what you are looking for? AP:</a> Studio Art</p>

<p>It appears that all areas have to be submitted: Drawing. 2-D Design. 3-D Design. </p>

<p>"All three sections are required and carry equal weight, but students are not necessarily expected to perform at the same level in each section to receive a qualifying grade for advanced placement."</p>

<p>^They mean Concentration, Breadth, and Quality (as subsections) have to be submitted, but they must be under Drawing and Painting, 2-D Design, or 3-D Design, which are all different AP tests.
Concentration highlights a specific idea that you want to centralize some of your work around; Breadth is supposed to show variety of subject and/or idea, and possibly medium; Quality is a section that you actually submit to the College Board to grade via mail (the other two sections are submitted online with digital images, so your work will need to be scanned unless it's already been done on the computer).
The site that KatMT linked to has a plethora of resources, including other students' samples.</p>

<p>I think you need to have a coordinator (usually, the teacher) submit your quality samples for you and possibly help you make slides of your work, so I'm unsure if you can self-study AP art all the way. I would contact your school's art teacher(s) about that.</p>

<p>Also, I would ask about this in the main</a> AP forum instead. High School Life is kind of the "off-topic" forum around here.
Good luck~</p>