AP Study Books

<p>Hi everyone,
So I read through the sticky to choose the books I will be using to complement the AP Courses I am taking. I just wanted to be sure this is a good list:</p>

<p>AP MacroEcon- Princeton Review:Cracking the AP Economics Macro & Micro Exams, 2008 Edition
AP Biology- Cliffnotes 3rd Edition
AP Chemistry- PR Cracking the AP Chemistry Exam
AP Calc AB- Arco(I need something to better explain it because our teacher isn't very good)</p>

<p>So does this appear decent?</p>

<p>bump, I'm curious about CALC AB too. I bought PR for it</p>

<p>Yeah, for AP Calculus you can also get Preparing for the AP Calculus Exam. skylight publishing for the practice tests. But that list appears decent for the exams. But I am using 5 steps to a 5 for AP Econ but only 5 steps has a quick review section for skimming through the day before the test, with all the terms you need to know. otherwise, the list looks decent. But I have never taken AP biology before. Last year, I also used PR to prepare for AP Chemistry. it is short and sweet. all the info you need to know.</p>