AP Test Check

<p>Hello, I'm a little confused on how to determine which AP Test scores UCIrvine has from me. The My Tests section at the admissions page says it has scores from my sophomore and junior year. However it's only asking for my AP World History test (sophomore year). Should I assume that's the only test that UCI needs from me? Or is there another way to determine which AP Tests I have to send them.</p>

<p>Thanks =D GO UCI!</p>

<p>If you took AP tests this year and and chose UCI as where to send them your old test scores should have been sent too (I think?) and you don't need to worry about what scores you need to send. Otherwise, if you just send them whatever's the newest test score that works too (if the scores are cumulatively sent).
But they only ask for AP test scores that you put on your application. If you fulfilled tests that they don't ask for, you might as well send them to get credit! But i'm pretty sure you don't have a choice about which scores get sent, unless you paid more to withhold them or something.</p>