AP Test Costs

How much do AP Tests cost at your school? They cost $125 each at my public school which I find a bit excessive :confused: It might be because so many people take the tests? I’m not sure but my school is really competitive

My state, NC, pays for them.

They’re $92 in my city (CC, TX) but if you’re on free/reduced lunch you get a waiver, I don’t remember how much.

$110 where I live. I agree it’s ridiculous

AP exams are supposed to cost $92 everywhere in the U.S. The high school keeps $9 for its own administrative costs.

Are there high schools that are ripping off their students?


I believe mine cost over $100, but like others, if you have free/reduced lunch you can get a fee waiver.

My district pays for them, unless you are challenging it (not taking the corresponding class). Then you have to pay the full 92$

At my D’s school it’s $92/exam.

Yep, $92 each test here. I just wrote out a $368 check to our school district last week to pay for 4 exams – wasn’t in the budget and somehow didn’t remember paying for last years tests.

$125 here as well.

It’s $96 for us, but if anyone feels the price to be too much for the family, it’s easily waived within a day.

Ah okay thank you. I mean, I don’t think I could get a waiver because we’re not low income or anything, but it’s still way too much at times.

Wow, the tests are outrageous. I do not understand how they expect anyone to pay those, even mid-income families, because it piles up and becomes overwhelming if you take more than one or two AP tests. I mean, the tests are just some multiple choice and writing questions, really. idk why college board is so egregiously expensive

At my school, it’s $92 per exam.

@IrrationalPepsi They’re expensive because you’re paying for the (possible) college credit.

$95 each x 4

They cost $95 at my school. I think everything in the college process is so expensive. From test prep books to paying for the actual test and then sending test scores and not to mention the college app fees and wait for it— paying the actual college tuition—college is such a time and money invested task.

$95 each where I live.
If you get free lunch however, it’s about $23 each? (My friend is taking 2 and it adds up to $45)

My district pays for the exams my school offers. But if I want to take an exam my school doesn’t offer, I have to take it in another district and pay $94 per exam.

$92. If you are dual-enrolled with the class through the local state U; its $250 per class, but that includes the (mandatory) AP test.