AP Test Result

Hello, I checked my AP Test scores today. I was so sure I did well on my APUSH exam, but it turns out I got a 1. I honestly don’t think this is possible because I thought I wrote fairly well, even better than my AP Lang test I got a 4 on. I was expecting a 3 at LEAST. How is this possible? I thought only people who didn’t study or wrote two sentence paragraphs with no usage of documents could get a 1. I am trying to get in contact with college board right now through call but I am getting no response.

You won’t be able to contact college board. Email your teacher and ask them to review your essay, and if they think you were scored incorrectly then they can appeal.

Last year, nearly a quarter of all APUSH tests were scored a 1. So no, it’s not only for people who didn’t even try.

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