AP test scores available today (July 1)

<p>the problem is, I don't know if I can get them online.</p>

<p>I know they are mailed to your home and high school, but can you get them on-line? Can you get your "AP number" on line too? I'm very anxious for the scores but 'm at work so I can't call.</p>


<p>Nope. I've heard that teachers can get them online this year, but students never can. Sorry! You can spend the $8 to get the scores by phone or just wait for them to arrive at your house; they arrive from West Coast to East Coast and usually get to all AP takers by mid July.</p>

<p>OK, I'm chilling. No need to get my knickers in a bunch - waiting for then to come in the mail won't change the scores any. Thanks.</p>

<p>Just call. If you talk to the customer representative goji can get the ap number</p>

<p>Just called for S who doesn't have access. they asked for the AP OR SS number. Might be worth a try.</p>

<p>To go by SS#, your child would have had to know their SS# and put it on the test form. Mine has no clue! We're going to wait for them to come in the mail.</p>

<p>Just got the scores. They asked for either SS# or AP#</p>

<p>D2 just got around to checking her June SAT results online yesterday, guess we'll just wait for snail mail :rolleyes:</p>