AP test

<p>i was accepted ed to the hotel school.
im taking AP chem this year, but id rather not take the ap chem exam because i feel like it would just be getting in the way of my other ap tests(lit and calc ab), and plus im pretty sure id get like a 4 at most just because i suck at chem. so i was wondering: do they care THAT much that you skip out on one test? would it be grounds for rescinding my acceptance or putting me on academic probation?</p>

<p>we never said on out app that we would take any of the ap tests, so there's no way they could do anything cuz u weren't misrepresenting yourself if u dont even mention it.</p>

<p>of course not- i dont even know how they would find out and why they would care...the less credits you have, the better for them, after all</p>

<p>im not taking the AP Lit Test...not because i think ill fail it or anything, but because i wont get any credit for it from Cornell because I already got a 5 on the Language test</p>

<p>i am not taking AP Lit tooo.... cause i am suck at English..bet you guys can tell..lolz
They really didn't say you need to take the exam, plus, if you are bringing all college credits..where are they going to make money from???</p>