Ap Test

<p>If I take an AP test for say AP Bio junior year, and I only have the options for AP bio and chem (both of which i will take) would it be smarter to take AP BIO, or take a biology course at a local CC?</p>

<p>i'm a bit lost - would you be taking AP chem regardless of where you took bio? is it possible to take both in school? If so, do take both in school since as many have pointed out, CC quality varies drastically and AP classes can even be much better than CC courses. Plus you save travel time, money etc. If this is a question of "to do ap chem + cc bio, or to do just ap bio" then go for the first option. good luck with those classes!</p>

<p>Yeah that was confusing.......
I am taking Enviornmental Science right now, if I self-study the AP Bio (since bio is the only subject I like in school),what should I do? I have to take AP Bio next year anyways because it's the only science course which will be available to me allong with AP CHEM.</p>

<p>take them both at the same time if you think you can handle it. i dont know others people capacity for workload, but to me it doesn't sound bad</p>

<p>I'm not sure if you're not getting what i'm saying, I am taking Enviormental Sciences right now. I want to take the AP Bio and Chem tests because I find AP Enviornmental Science interesting. No juniors got into AP bio or Chem, so I will take these two courses senior year. However, I want to take the tests in junoir year, if I do take the tests won't colleges think that I am learning nothing by taking AP Bio and Chem in senior year, since I have already taken the tests in junior year? So should I simply take AP bio and AP chem senior year or take something at a local community college?</p>