AP testing for future engineering major?

<p>Hey, so I'm currently debating whether to take the Physics B AP test or not, as a future engineering major (leaning towards electrical atm). Drexel is my main choice at the moment, so I was just wondering if it was worth the effort.</p>

<p>Side-note: Taking Physics C next year, but not planning to take the Mech or the E/M test. Should I change that?</p>

<p>Definitely take the AP tests for both mechanics and E/M next year. They're hard, but will save you a TON of time and stress your freshmen year at Drexel.</p>

<p>GO DRAGONS!</p>

<p>So I can get credit (or at least advanced placement) even for Physics C? I figured because of the major I would be required to take it regardless of how well I did on the AP tests.</p>

<p>But yeah, I know they're gonna be hard, especially E/M... E/M in Physics B isn't what I would consider "easy" so far either, and we just started electric potential. So... long way to go. XD</p>

<p>One of the ways to know if you could/should take AP credit for Physics or Calc is if you get a high grade and high score in those subjects. So if you are getting an A in class and score a 5 in each AP test, then you can move past those classes without concern in college. If you don't, you may be better off retaking them but then they will not be as hard. </p>

<p>The Physics C AP exam has both a Physics B and Physics C subscore, you get two scores. So in essence if you take the AP Physics B exam and next year take the C one, you get two chance at scoring high on the B part.</p>