AP testing misconduct

Hi so I e-mailed college board about testing misconduct that occurred yesterday, and an employee e-mailed me back asking for more information, and I want to disclose everything because I’m not the only student mad about what happened, but I also don’t want other students and my counselors to know I am the one who e-mailed college board. Will college board tell my school it was me?

I also don’t want the student involved to know I e-mailed college board, and provided their names.

I didn’t disclose my name in the e-mail, but I did send the e-mail from the same e-mail on my college board account, so college board can figure out it’s me, and if my school ever saw the e-mail, it would know it’s me because my last name is in my email address.

I just fear retaliation from other students and counselors.

You could email the employee and ask if people in your school will find out your name…

I’m afraid that if I ask to remain anonymous, the employee will disregard my claims, thinking that they’re not true

You will not be anonymous to the College Board. They will need to confirm that you were there. The question to ask is what kind of information gets transmitted to the school?

Ok thanks for the advice. I e-mailed the employee and basically asked what my school will know.

The employee responded and said all the info is confidential, so I assume it’s safe, but I’m just reluctant.