AP Tests 2021?

Sorry if this has already been brought up but I couldn’t find it. Do we think that the AP tests next year will be online or in person? Any thoughts?

It’s anyone’s guess right now. Until we know for sure, I would take a hard pass on purchasing test prep books. I was in Barnes and Noble yesterday, and it would appear everyone is sharing that sentiment.

Sign up is in October, so we might get some hint at that time. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if registration gets pushed back, both so College Board can get a read on how things are going and so they can get a handle on the fall SAT registration, which is still a mess.

I think you are right about this. The AP online tests were a disaster given how many kids were unable to submit their work and had to re-take (and a handful were STILL not able to upload the second time either). Many schools are offering in-person SATs and PSATs, even when their instruction is all online. This gives them a good practice run for how the APs might look like in the spring.

Frankly, if they can be holding sports practice in person, even though instruction is online - as our high school is doing - they can find a way to administer APs in person. We know more about this virus than we did back in the spring of this year, which helps too.

sigh I sincerely hope that they do in-person AP exams. Obviously, if COVID does not permit then so be it. As a student outside of the US, hearing my upperclassmen take their AP exams at 2 or 3AM in the morning does not sound comforting. Add on to that the fact that we pay around 240 USD for each exam. Quite ridiculous, might I say. A shame that students outside of the US were never compensated last year for this. It really goes to show what type of company College Board is.