AP tests scores for UC transfer?

<p>I am a junior in high school. I plan to transfer to a UC(preferably UCLA or Berkeley) straight out of high school. Im taking night classes at a CCC part time. At the end of this Spring 2012 semester, I will have 48 transferable units. Next year I plan to take 6 AP classes. I read up that you need to finish your Igetc and prereq classes for your major done by the Spring before the Fall term you transfer in. Since AP tests scores don't come in until summer, what happens to the AP tests that I need to use to satisfy my prereqs and igetc such as AP stats and AP calc bc???</p>

<p>one of the requirements to transfer with junior standing is that you cannot be concurrently enrolled in high school.
what i did was leave high school after my sophomore year by passing the CHSPE, so i was no longer considered enrolled in high school.</p>

<p>even if you have a ton of units under your belt, as long as you are still enrolled in high school, you will have to select the freshman option on the UC app.</p>

<p>^^^ wow...ok well when i apply and select freshman option, will my college junior level status raise my chances of getting into UCLA or Berkeley???..Im confident enough to get into the other UCs for sure. My gpa is fairly good, 3.94 weighted currently and i see no problem in achieving at least a 2000 on the SAT. I can see that at worst, i would be going to CCC for 1 year max prob taking 1-2 classes in total, or even none at all which is pretty much just wasting time. Are they any other alternatives to taking the CHSPE that would still allow me to transfer straight out of high school.</p>

<p>Why not just try to apply as a "freshman" directly to UCLA and CAL just to see if you get in? If you've got the grades and test scores, it is quite possible. You could also go the CCC route for a year, and then transfer. Alternatively, if accepted to another UC, you could attend there for a year and due a UC-UC transfer (although this is a much more expensive route and has a lower priority than CCC-UC transfers).</p>

<p>Yea...Ill just see what happens. Thanks for the info</p>