AP tests with IB classes

<p>I am a sophomore at an IB school and will be getting the IB diploma.
I will take the following IB tests , the ones with asterisks in junior year and the rest as a senior.</p>

<p>SL-Chemistry*, Psychology, and Spanish</p>

<p>HL- Physics, History of the Americas/Topics in 20th century( I don't know how to translate this into a AP), Math*, and English</p>

<p>Would it benefit me in college admissions to take the AP tests? If so which tests should I take?</p>

<p>Is taking AP tests with my classes helpful and/or should I self study tests. I am aiming at top-20 schools.</p>

<p>AP Physics C > IB Physics HL</p>

<p>AP Chemistry > IB Chemistry Sl</p>

<p>AP Psych > IB Psych Sl</p>

<p>Correction to lemone"</p>

<p>AP Physics C = IB Physics HL</p>

<p>Also . . .</p>

<p>AP Chemistry = IB Chemistry HL</p>

<p>don't worry about taking AP tests. top colleges mainly just want to see that you took the most challenging classes at your school. I have heard both sides about what test is better (AP or IB), but I think that they are probably pretty equal.</p>

<p>What about self studying AP tests would that be beneficial. Should I take AP tests for SL classes.</p>

<p>hmm. self-studying could be beneficial. im not sure about taking AP tests for SL classes. I'm not that familiar with IB classes, I just know a couple kids who take them. I don't think taking AP tests in addition to your IB classes will make-or-break your application, although it might be a small plus for you</p>

<p>Thanks:) I'll probably just self study an AP or two, and focus on the IB exams when the time comes.</p>

<p>Hey, you're talking the same SLs as me!
Don't know anything about APs. Actually, I was wondering the same thing...</p>

<p>Isn't AP physics C is at a higher level than IB physics HL because AP physics C requires calculus on the exam, whereas IB physics HL does not? But then of course, IB physics HL > AP Physics B.</p>

<p>Correction to lemone"</p>

<p>AP Physics C = IB Physics HL</p>

<p>Also . . .</p>

<p>AP Chemistry = IB Chemistry HL </p>

I don't know how to quote, so...</p>

<p>AP Physics C > IB Physics HL because it has Calculus. So it owns IB Physics anyday</p>

<p>AP Chemistry is equal to IB Chemistry Hl, but not Sl</p>

<p>^ quote by writing
[ /quote] without the spaces and whatever you want to quote in between.</p>

<p>I think AP Physics C is definitely harder than IB Physics HL</p>

<p>i take IB also. </p>

<p>HL - chemistry, biology and math</p>

<p>SL - business and management, english and hindi (ab initio)</p>

<p>im presently a junior and i will be not giving any IB exams in my junior year.</p>

<p>i am pretty comfortable with Chemistry. do you think that id be able to give AP chemistry my junior year (may or june 2010) ? </p>

<p>would it at all be worthwhile?</p>

<p>and would self studying AP calc AB for the may exam also be worthwhile?</p>


<p>Hey everyone, I have a relevant question. My situation's a little different. I'm an IB junior right now, but because the program is very new at my school (I'm the third year to have it available), some of my IB classes are mixed with AP classes. This pretty much amounts to my doing the AP work, and then the teacher layering on extra IB work.</p>

<p>Should I take the AP exams, since I stand a very good chance at scoring 5's (with relatively little extra studying)?</p>

<p>Also, I'm sorry for being so ignorant (once again, new programme at my school...we're still very unfamiliar w/everything), but since most IB scores won't come out until after graduation, what happens at college admissions time? Do colleges try to wait until the IB scores do come out? Or do they just look at my course load and existing AP/IB scores from sophomore and junior years?</p>

<p>Thanks. =)</p>

<p>IB Math HL > AP Calc BC</p>

<p>IB Math SL = AP Calc AB (Roughly) you'll have to learn some extra stuff, but not too much</p>

<p>bumppp post no. 13# please :D</p>

<p>Really? IB Math Hl > AP Calc BC?? I know for sure that IB Further Math > AP Calc BC, but seriously? </p>

<p>I do not think IB Math Sl = Calc AB since many colleges do not accept IB Exam SL subjects.</p>

<p>In my school the HL math students cover everything in SL the first quarter and then go on from there at the same pace. How could BC be harder? I was planning on taking the BC test because it's harder to get a 7 on the HL test and I want college credit.</p>

<p>Well, BC has more calculus, and more colleges accept BC credit than HL credit.</p>

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