AP tests

<p>Quick and to the point </p>

<li>this year I am in 5 AP classes. Calc AB, Euro, Statistics, Eng Lit, Physics B</li>
<li>I have enrolled in a college already (Im a senior)</li>

<p>My Questions:
1. The college I am going to does not accept credits at all for AP Calc AB, only BC. Should I even take the AP test then for Calc AB or is it completely worthless?</p>

<li>I took 3 AP tests last year and got 4's on them. I need 5's for credit. US Hist, Chem, Eng Lang</li>

2. I will probably not take the Chem one again because I forgot much of it, but Should I consider retaking the Eng Lang or US Hist again? Is that a wise choice? or Should I focus solely on the 4 or 5 AP tests I am taking this year? </p>

<p>Thanks in Adv.</p>

<li>Take the AP Test anyway. Or Self-study for BC and tell your school to give you the BC exam.</li>

<p>Regardless, you’ll still come in with a preparation better than a lot of people. It’s not entirely worthless. </p>

<p>The same applies to the other classes as well. If you want to try to take the exam and get 5’s go ahead.</p>

<p>What college specifically?</p>

<p>Are your other AP tests offered credits?</p>

<p>yes. just not ab calc. upenn btw</p>

<p>I feel your pain on the “5”'s - NU only takes 5’s for the most part too…</p>

<p>IMHO… Why take the calcAB AP test if you don’t get any credit? Doesn’t make sense to me.</p>

<p>re: retakes on last year’s… More of a gray area, but I would suggest asking yourself how much time & effort you want to / can put into re-study. Basicaly, what makes you think you can up the grade, when you’re not “hot” in the subject?</p>

<p>good luck at Penn.</p>