AP textbook for CLEP exam?

I am taking a CLEP exam for an AP class that I didn’t pass the test for. I still have the textbook and I was wondering if I could use this to study for the CLEP exam since both tests are put out by The College Board? I also read in the study guide for the CLEP test that any college level book will work but I want to make sure I set myself up for success on this test by choosing the best textbook that I can so I don’t want to just assume it will work.

Definitely use the official CLEP materials to get a notion of what is covered, and the kinds of questions on the exam. Then use the AP materials and the SAT subject exam materials that cover the same topics and have the same sorts of questions for your review.

Use the free online class from modern states to study. It’s geared specifically to pass the CLEP test.

I second using Modern States! I just passed the College Algebra CLEP after studying the Modern States course. The courses are free and have College Board-approved practice problems for you to solve.