AP US Gov and Politics

<p>I have a few questions as I'll be taking this class as a sophomore next year.</p>

<p>How hard or time-consuming is this class?</p>

<p>Also, are there any recommended books? I took a look at the consolidated book list and I noticed that the Princeton Review is the only recommended book. Are there any others? And will reading this book help me throughout the year or is it just review for the AP exam?</p>

<p>Thanks bros</p>

<p>This is one of the easiest APs out there to study for. I took it as a class for 3 months, so it takes no time to get ready as compared to other APs. I spent about a week reviewing for the exam and I only used The Princeton Review. That book covered everything on the AP exam. I would recommend only reading it after you've gone over all of the material, as review for the exam. I feel like I got a 5, and definitely no lower than a 4 on the exam so I know that it doesn't take an insane amount of effort to be ready for this exam, unlike many of the other APs.</p>

<p>I am also taking the class next year, and from what I've heard, it is far easier than AP US in terms of the exam.
The class course load is hard to say, it really depends on your school.</p>

<p>^Definitely easier than APUSH. In fact, some of the material overlaps from AP US History. So it is definitely a lot easier if you took APUSH first. The course will vary from one school to another, but generally it is not too rigorous. A lot of it is just knowing which branch of government has what powers, and structure of government.</p>

<p>AP Government was the easiest AP test that i have ever taken, the course load was demanding but if you do read the review book, I used Barron's, then you will do, just study vocabulary.</p>

<p>Get Crash Course. It was really really useful and I bet you'll find it useful too.</p>

<p>I self-studied AP US Gov this year. I'm pretty sure I got at least a 4. I started out not knowing anything. Absolutely nothing. (I'm an international.) </p>

<p>It's definitely doable. Go for it.</p>