AP US GOV Cram Sheet

Does anyone have a study guide or cram packet for AP US Gov???</p>

i’d recommend REA’s crash course; it’s what i’m using right now and apparently it’s all you need for a 5</p>

What is REA</p>

Get Crash Course from a bookstore ASAP. It’s a thin blue and white book by REA, has everything you need for a 5. Read it through before the exam, you’ll be set.</p>

^Agree with Swebber. Crash Course AP Gov book is actually very good.</p>

I wrote this last year. The AP Govt exam is really easy, so if you know everything on here, you are guaranteed a 5. </p>

<a href=“http://dl.dropbox.com/u/24479654/AP%20NSL%20study%20guide.doc[/url]”>http://dl.dropbox.com/u/24479654/AP%20NSL%20study%20guide.doc</a></p>

Thanks sinohellenic so much, you just saved my ass. Nice logo, btw. ;)</p>

Thanks for the post, but is there a way you can download the file or give it to me in a different form? b/c I can’t open it.
maybe PDF?
thank you!</p>

Wow, sinohellenic, this is honestly a really great study guide. Thanks so much :)</p>

Thanks, man! :)</p>

Agreed. Thank you so much, sinohellenic!</p>

Wow. This is awesome, thank you!</p>

thank you very much</p>

no problem guys, but does anyone have an ap econ cram sheet? or ap physics c released exams?</p>

Just learn the essay types and read your text book and you’ll be fine. AP gov is an easy test, only 5 I have ever had. haha</p>

sinohellinic: Thanks! I emailed it to my teacher and he printed one off for the whole class. He’s now teaching from it.</p>