AP US Gov- Is REA enough?

<p>Is REA enough to do well on he US Government test? i feel like it isn't relaly covering hte topic in depth and it'll get me a 2 0r 3 o n the exam.</p>

<p>someone please prove me wrong!</p>

<p>i dunno i just used PR (which is 1/2 as detailed as REA) & I am scoring over 70% on the mc (good for a 5, hopefully). </p>

<p>i read about 1/2 of our textbook thruout the yr, if that helps.</p>

<p>for the comparative section of the REA, it really helped me for my final (which was a comparative mc and a frq). I don't know about the politics section, given the time left and severe case of senioritis, im not even gonna touch my Barron's book for politics and will hope that REA helps me stick it out.</p>

<p>is the comparative section of the REA enough for the exam?? Seems to be lacking a lot of detail</p>